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Mental health services, speech therapy and assessment, autism support, and collaborative education partner in Appleton, Wisconsin

You Don’t Have to Feel Alone  

Navigating mental health challenges, an autism diagnosis, or difficult relationships can feel isolating and paralyzing. It’s hard to know where to turn or how to move forward. The questions can seem overwhelming… 

  • Where do I start now that my child has a diagnosis? 
  • How will my family stick together through all of this?  
  • Why do my relationships feel so strained?  
  • Will my mental health ever get better?  
  • What we’re doing isn’t working. 
  • Why does school have to be this hard for my child?

We’re here to help. 

We Come Alongside You to Empower and Support You

Our collaborative, individualized approach to therapy meets you where you are to help you grow and thrive.

About Us

Healthy Connections offers mental health services, speech therapy and assessment, autism support, and collaborative education partnerships.

Since 2009, we have come alongside families and individuals to support them through mental health struggles, autism diagnoses, marital issues, ADHD challenges, and more.

Our team is committed to helping you grow and develop emotionally, mentally, and socially so you can create thriving, stable, healthy connections throughout your life. 

What Sets Us Apart

We only take clients we can actively serve

Once you’re onboarded, you won’t need to wait weeks or months until your next appointment. We’ll jump right into a regular schedule so you get the support you need right away.

We meet you where you are

Our collaborative approach to therapy and counseling gives you a safe space to be vulnerable so you feel comfortable to process, heal, and grow.

We have 15 years of autism expertise

Since 2009, our clinic has specialized in serving individuals who have autism and also need mental health assessments, individual counselling, and speech therapy.

Our Values

Unconditional Positive Regard

We accept and love people, without judgment, for what and who they are, in each and every moment.​ 

Courage and Creativity​

We embrace fear with hope through possibility and innovation.​ 

Humility and Attunement​

We inspire responsiveness, harmony and connection by humbly listening, observing and aligning our internal state in a deeper understanding of others.​ 

Honesty and Transparency​

We recognize and value that relationships are built through honesty and transparency in every situation, especially when times are tough.​ 


Our environment is mentally, emotionally and physically safe for everyone to be free to learn and grow.​ 


We find the joy in every situation as opportunity to inspire people to access their joy and be free to release their full potential into the world.​

Ready to Get Started?

1. Reach Out

Complete our quick contact form to let us know what you are looking for at Healthy Connections

2. Let’s Talk

We’ll schedule a phone call to see if we’re the right fit and discuss how we can best support you

3. Work With Us

We’ll meet you where you are and come alongside you to help you grow and thrive!