About Us

Helping Wisconsin families grow and thrive for the last 15 years

About Healthy Connections

Healthy Connections offers mental health services, speech therapy and assessment, home and community based autism support, and educational coaching and collaboration.

Since 2009, we have come alongside families and individuals, empowering them while they work through mental health struggles, autism diagnoses, major life events, ADHD challenges, and more.

Our team of dedicated staff are ready to team with you and help you grow and develop emotionally, mentally, and socially so you may create thriving, healthy connections throughout your life.

Quick Stats

Years of Autism Support Expertise

Community & Educational Partners Served

Welcoming Clinic in Appleton, WI

Founding Philosophy

Healthy Connections was founded in 2009 fueled by a passion and a mission to provide an individualized approach to therapy where “healthy connections” could be strengthened and built.

Having worked with children diagnosed with autism since 1998, Dr. Jessie Schroeder had a vision and a drive to try to do things differently than what she was finding available for clients. She saw the “whole person” and their “whole family” and was fueled by this passion to create a world where autism was not about the behavior or fitting the model. 

She continues to be passionate about providing a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment where one can connect, feel supported to pursue interests, and enjoy balance in their lives, and most of all find joy in every day.

Healthy Connections is a place where staff share the calling to serve and support our clients and the community by making and nurturing “healthy connections.” Where learning and growing continue to happen and are not only encouraged but shared.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve become well-known in our community for supporting people and their families to find, develop and expand their connections. While we are a small clinic, we have a big goal of meeting our clients’ individual and family needs.

With a strong focus on collaboration, we partner with our clients, and their parents/families, schools, and county treatment teams to help them individuals learn to flourish with their autism.

Our Licensed Staff

Jessica Schroeder, PsyD

Megan Tech, LMFT

Erin Hietpas, MS, CCC-SLP 

Our Affiliations

Patricia Stanik, PhD

Dawn Pflugradt, LCSW, PsyD

How To Know If We’re In Network

We recommend contacting the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card for further information on your insurance benefits and any possible financial responsibilities you may have. They will help you obtain specific information regarding eligibility and benefit coverage for services provided and help you determine if we are an in-network provider with your insurance. 

If we are not listed in network, we will still do our best to work with you.  Each individual situation is different, but our staff will explore what options may be available, and if it isn’t us, we will work with you to make a healthy connection in the community.

Please note: Deductibles, copays, coinsurance, charges and/or fee, any unpaid services, are the responsibility of the client or guardian to be paid. Although it is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits and coverage, we do our very best to work with our clients to offer options that are affordable to them, such as offering payment plans or self-pay rates, so they are able obtain services whenever possible.

Our Values

Unconditional Positive Regard

We accept and love people, without judgment, for what and who they are, in each and every moment.​ 

Courage and Creativity​

We embrace fear with hope through possibility and innovation.​ 

Humility and Attunement​

We inspire responsiveness, harmony and connection by humbly listening, observing and aligning our internal state in a deeper understanding of others.​ 

Honesty and Transparency​

We recognize and value that relationships are built through honesty and transparency in every situation, especially when times are tough.​ 


Our environment is mentally, emotionally and physically safe for everyone to be free to learn and grow.​ 


We find the joy in every situation as opportunity to inspire people to access their joy and be free to release their full potential into the world.​

Join Our Team

We are looking for compassionate, understanding, and dedicated professionals to join our team to help others create thriving, stable, healthy connections throughout their lives.