and Autism Support 

Helping you understand your diagnosis and the unique way it presents so you can learn to flourish with your autism. 

Every Diagnosis Is Unique 

We understand and respect the complexities of living with autism spectrum disorder. No matter where you are on your journey, we are here to help. 

I think my child has autism but nobody believes me.

Is it normal to have these thoughts running through your head?

  • If I don’t do things just right for my child, life will fall apart
  • I always feel like my child is headed for a meltdown
  • Maybe it’s just behavior and not autism and he just wants his way

I just got my child’s diagnosis – now what? 

If you’ve recently received your child’s diagnosis, we’re here to help you…

  • Understand your child’s diagnosis 
  • Decide how to best prepare for treatment 
  • Decide what to do while waiting for your intensive services

Help! What I’m doing isn’t working.

We hear it all the time – My child has autism, but…

  • She also has anxiety or ADHD
  • He doesn’t fit the programs my school has
  • But they’re fine if they get what they want 

How can we support you?

Whether you just received your child’s diagnosis or you’re looking for additional support, we are here to collaborate with you and your family, educators, and treatment providers.  

Understand Your Child

Diagnosis & Assessments

We provide diagnostic services and work collaboratively with others in the community to help you choose the best assessment process.  Out of integrity, we will refer you out for assessment if we’re going to be working with you on an ongoing basis. 

Get Support

Autism Support

We provide a whole-person, collaborative approach to services in a trauma-informed and safe environment so you can learn new skills, grow, and maximize your autonomy as an individual.

Convenient Care

Where Life Happens

Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum or bubble. That’s why we go where life happens. Our sessions aren’t limited to the office, we’ll meet you where you’re at – at our clinic, in school, at home, and in the community.

Build Practical Skills

Psychoeducational Programming

Learn about your diagnosis and the ways you perceive and make sense of the world around you. We’ll help you build functional skills and practice self-advocacy, so you have the life essentials you need to live as joyfully and autonomously as possible.

Communicate Confidently

Speech Therapy

All behavior is communication. Understand your (your child’s) autism and how it’s impacting communication. Building functional communication skills goes hand in hand with self-regulation, self-advocacy and autonomy, and interacting more confidently with others. Communication is the key to self-advocacy.

Flourish in School

Alternative Education Collaboration

Many students on the spectrum have unique educational needs. We collaborate with family, teachers, and school districts and work together to embrace each individual’s strengths so all can learn, grow, and thrive.

We Do Not Offer

  • Medication Management
  • ABA Autism Therapy
  • Respite or Center-Based Treatment
  • Comprehensive or Intensive Services

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3. Work With Us

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