Educational Collaboration

Partnering with students, parents, & educators to customize educational support so students with autism and intellectual disabilities can successfully participate in school & life.

Why does school have to feel so hard?

You’re not alone. Many students on the spectrum don’t “fit” perfectly into traditional school programming. Our collaborative philosophy and many years of experience supporting individuals on the autism spectrum, inform our client-centered approach to providing extra support, coaching, and guidance.

We collaborate with family, teachers, and school districts to work together in each student’s best interest so they can learn, grow, and reach their fullest potential.


Our goal is to partner with you and your district to come alongside your student and help them learn and grow within their school community.

School Districts

We specialize in collaborating with you to help implement creative solutions for students with autism so they can be a thriving part of your district.


Education doesn’t end after 12th grade. We are here to walk alongside you as you navigate post-secondary education, develop life skills, and build career skills.

Our Alternative Education Services Include

Precursory Involvement

So the entire team is on the same page early in the educational journey

Individualized Approach

Based on the unique needs of the child and their family

Creative Collaboration

With the student, parents, family, school, and the direct and extended care team

Point of Performance Intervention

Autism expertise, advocacy and support

We Are Not

  • A Charter School or Independent School
  • A Standalone Program
  • A Replacement for Your Traditional Schooling

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