Outpatient Services

Providing mental health therapy and assessment, individual and family systems counseling, and speech therapy in a caring and compassionate setting.

What Sets Us Apart

We only take clients we can actively serve

Once you’re onboarded, you won’t need to wait weeks or months until your next appointment. We’ll jump right into a regular schedule so you get the support you need right away.

We meet you where you are

Our collaborative approach to therapy and counseling gives you a safe space to be vulnerable so you feel comfortable to process, heal, and grow.

We have 15 years of autism expertise

Since 2009, our clinic has specialized in serving individuals who have autism and also need mental health assessments, individual counselling, and speech therapy.

Explore Our Outpatient Services

Mental Health Therapy and Assessment

We’re here to meet you where you are and give you a safe space to be vulnerable. Together we will identify strengths and barriers and map out a path forward that aligns with your goals and values. We strive to compassionately support and empower you to live the functional, healthy life you’ve always dreamed of. Our traditional outpatient mental health therapy and assessment services are here to help you with your:

  • ASD
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Individual & Family Systems Counseling

Live life to the fullest while maintaining healthy connections through our Individual and Family Systems Counseling.

We provide a safe space and a listening ear for you to process your life and relationships. Our goal is to come alongside you and empower you with the practical tools you need to live a thriving life full of healthy connections. Individual and Family Systems Counseling could be right for you if you’ve thought…

  • My relationship with my parents is uncomfortable and strained
  • I feel like something is holding me back from my full potential
  • I am constantly butting heads and arguing with my spouse
  • If I could just fix [fill in the blank], everything would be better.

In a nutshell, it comes down to “who is the client” and “what’s the diagnosis”.  In marriage counseling, your marriage is technically the client. Because of this, historically, it’s not typically covered by most insurances. Individual & Family Systems Counseling focuses on you as an individual and your needs. Often, in addition to personal struggles, there are relationship problems you are experiencing (including your marriage relationship).  This may be direct marital therapy or working to occasionally invite people into your therapy sessions. We will work with you to determine what services are best suited for your goals. 

Speech Therapy

We help individuals build their communication skills so they can interact more confidently with others. Through formal and informal assessments, we identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and collaboratively come alongside them to help them reach their goals. Our comprehensive Speech Therapy develops:

  • Language
    Develop a greater ability to comprehend and communicate with others verbally
  • Articulation
    Learn to speak with precision and clarity so others can easily understand your words 
  • Social Communication
    Understand social cues and improve your conversational skills so you can confidently interact in various social settings
  • Picky Eaters
    Conquer picky eating and expand your palette to include a whole, healthy diet.

We Do Not Offer

  • Services for Chronic Mental Illness
  • Court-Ordered Services
  • Intensive Therapies or Partial Hospitalization
  • Crisis Services

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